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Contributions from: Ronnie Floyd, Dave Butts, Kim Butts, Tony Evans, Kay Horner, Sammy Rodriguez, Alton Garrison, Tom Phillips, Frances Chan, and Tony Perkins among others.
We are walking through some difficult days as a nation with the COVID-19 pandemic. 31 Days of Prayer For My Nation walks you through intentional, focused, guided prayers for the nation. Let's join Jesus in praying for God to use this pandemic for a revival in our land. Intercede for Him to bring a Christ awakening in America!
Contributions from: Josh McDowell, Bishop Harry Jackson, Alton Garrison, Stormie Omartian, Jack Hayford, Sammy Rodriguez, Terri Snead, Mark Dance, and Mark Williams among others.
Jesus made a vulnerable request at the darkest hour of His life, asking His friends to pray with Him. Instead of praying, they fell asleep. Prayer is primarily relational. Scripture tells us that Jesus lives to make intercession. He is talking to God on our behalf, but is He praying alone? What would it mean if we joined Jesus in prayer?

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Pastors, our friends at Gloo, a web-platform data organization, is rolling out some really amazing new opportunities for you to connect to us and to your congregation. Register your church through our unique Awakening America Alliance link here. You'll be able to receive insights and data about your community, as well as helpful ways to connect to your church congregation and church leaders.
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