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​Cry Out to the Lord: Reset My Walk With God

​Sometimes it’s for you. Sometimes it’s for your child, a family member or friend. Sometimes it’s for our broken world. We’ve ALL been there…We’ve Cried Out to the Lord.  

These twenty, unique studies in how to develop a Spirit-empowered faith will help you: 
  • Learn to look up when everything around you is falling apart .
  • Call out to the Lord in humility and brokenness.
  • Yield fully to the working and empowerment of His Spirit, rather than rely on your own power for spiritual transformation.
  • Enter into bold and believing prayer for yourself, loved ones and the world around you.
  • More deeply embrace the possibilities and calling of co-laboring with Jesus to live out his mission.
​This series seeks to encourage followers of Jesus in living a lifestyle of loving God and others, loving his Word and his mission to see others follow Him.  This resource will help you cry out to the Lord. This resource will reset your walk with God! 
Cry Out to the Lord is available through the Great Commandment Network's online store: You will be directed to Relationship Press for this purchase.

Cry Out to the Lord  includes articles from some of the most notable authors of our day: Ronnie Floyd, Mark Williams, Dennis Gallaher, Dave Butts, Doug Beacham, Byron Paulus and Bill Elliff, Frances Chan, Kay Horner, Mark Batterson, Josh McDowell, Ed Stetzer, Anthony Evans, Nick Hall, Alton Garrison, Oscar Thompson, Dallas Willard and Sammy Rodriguez
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We may pray because Jesus told us to pray, or because He modeled prayer. Maybe we pray when situations are desperate. Prayer is the right thing to do, but there is so much more to this mysterious conversation, this divine opportunity.

Scripture tells us that Jesus lives to make intercession; He lives to pray! If you listen closely, you’ll hear what He is praying for: the burdens of your heart, the needs of your life—the Savior is praying for you. Jesus made a vulnerable request at the darkest hour of His life, asking His friends to pray with Him. But instead of praying, they fell asleep. Prayer is primarily relational. Jesus talks to God on our behalf, but is He praying alone? What would it mean if we joined Jesus in prayer?

Praying with Jesus will RESET your prayer life. 

Praying With Jesus is available through the Great Commandment Network's online store: You will be directed to Relationship Press for this purchase.

Praying with Jesus includes articles from some of the most notable authors of our day: Sammy Rodriguez, Ronnie Floyd, Dave Butts, Stormie Omartian, Jack Hayford, Josh McDowell, Mark Batterson, Jeff Bogue, Doug Stringer, George Wood, Harry Jackson, Mark Williams, Steve Gaines, Jared Pingleton, Jedd Medefind, Michael Lewis, Mark Dance, Joe Battaglia, Steve Hawthorne, Jeremy Story, Terri Snead, and Alton Garrison.
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"What would a contemporary spiritual awakening look like in our church and culture."

A Great Spiritual Awakening depends on focused prayer and decisive, united action! Will you join millions across America as we seek His face for revival?
  • Major Christian leaders from across the faith community united to consult and seek God, for the American church and culture in 2008.
  • They met in Northampton, Massachusetts, the epicenter of American's First Great Awakening.
  • From that time of seeking God they were given 20 indicators that will signal a new Great Awakening and revival in America!
10 Indicators in the church and 10 Indicators in the culture!

This Prayer Guide addresses these indicators and provides voices from key leaders who will ignite a passion for the body of Christ to unify in prayer as we prepare our hearts, our churches and our nation. This is a PRAYER GUIDE for Believers to pray                                                                     for A Spiritual Awakening in America! 

                                                                                                      Join us in praying for a CHRIST-Centered Awakening!