Church Renewal...

as followers of Jesus live a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle and make disciples who make disciples

Reboot means to start again the original code; to re-load the foundational operating system.

The church's "original code" and foundational operating system was Great Commission living empowered by Great Commandment love (Matthew 28:19-20, 22:37-40).​​
Reboot Ministry: Five distinctives of church renewal are:
  • The outcome of church renewal/church planting is Spirit-empowered disciples who make disciples who make disciples.
  • The beginning point for church renewal is Pastor Renewal or Reboot Leaders.
  • A concentric circle model of Great Commandment ministry focuses on loving the Lord, near ones, His church, and His mission.
  • Next Gen evangelism is first caught as a pastor's own vulnerable stories of imparting his life and the gospel become contagious among the congregation.
  • A Next Gen imperative strategy will engage inter-generational ministry as both dreams and visions intersect to serve kingdom purposes.